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"Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing."

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Our Company


acquaim, a newly founded B2B software and service company with a unique software solution founded by former Accenture executives

Our Vision


We develop solutions to augment the ability of an organization to

respond insightfully and rapidly to internal and external discontinuities

  • proactively identify, shape and conduct digital initiatives to create value

Our Solution


arctic.ten is a modelling tool for complex organisations or capabilities which brings together business and technology information in a unique way to accelerate the response to discontinuities.

  • manage comprehensive baseline information (value/ cost/ capacity) in an easy way
  • detect gaps and opportunities to improve business performance
  • simulate and evaluate baseline changes


The digital challenge for enterprise IT

Today's frequentness of business and technology changes paired with tight investment funds drives the need for a proactive, responsive and insightful exploration and transformation capability being an integral part of an enterprise's core business  


A discontinuity contextis becoming the 'norm' Constant pressureon the bottom line Technologyadvancement IT gets involved too late inmajor business change initiatives simple requests already require analysis projects slow IT response time tobusiness requests necessary data for business decisions are kept in different technology silos more complex issues requireexternal support need for improved transparency need foraccelerated time to market need for improved 'business integration' Increasingcomplexity and cost. Declining delivery speed and value

arctic.ten - combining agility and predictability

arctic.ten is ideally suited to fit a bi-modal technology management approach. It is designed to act as a tool to support the exploration of digital opportunities based on a comprehensive and insightful baseline. Furthermore the arctic.ten baseline ensures stability and predictability of the legacy environment. 

Baseline Capability (Business Integration & Transparency) Time Machine Capability (Today's, Past and Future Baseline) Scenario Analysis Capability (What if) Ability to respond ad hoc to internal and external discontinuities Ability to plan/ act proactively + = + accelerated time to market improved transparency improved 'business integration' increased ROI state of the art technology platform . on premise or as cloud service . multi tenancy . responsive designed web application

arctic.ten modules

arctic.ten is composed by a number of content modules using the central Baseline information model. The system supports scenario modelling, milestone or date stamped validity ranges of information and allows to compare data between scenarios or dates.


Transform Project Comply Benchmark Value Source Skill Baseline Connect Import Data from other systems; Maintain new Data & Manage responsible persons; Information Business Application/ Project Technology/ Service Business Org. Business Capability Model changes Simulate impact Evaluate scenarios Maintain masterplan Project baseline Benchmark internally & x-enterprises Respond to compliance sub - jects Assess current skills Understand future skill needs Identify gaps Develop sourcing strategy Highlight strategy deviations Generate purchase requisition Report impact on business KPIs Monitor scorecard Service charge back

arctic.ten live

The arctic.ten actual version is 1.1.1. We are testing the concept and software with real data of a large international multi-business unit organization in the high tech segment. Check back soon to see videos of key use cases modeled in arctic.ten.



Value Proposition

arctic.ten focuses on the alignment and integration of business and technology capabilities. It accelerates analyzing baseline changes resulting in significant cost savings, reduced risk and superior time to market of (digital) solutions


Time to Market Customer Satisfaction Value Cost Quality

Use Cases

Ability to respond ad hoc to internal and external discontinuities

Ability to plan/ act proactively


Solution Case




Solution Provider/ Consultants

For modeling a solution stack/area   For modeling a business unit/ multiple business units and/or regional units   For modeling services across multiple customers or multiple client cases

EUR 1400 per Month
(Yearly Payment)


Individual Price on Request


Individual Price on Request



 Single Tenant    Single Tenant    Single Tenant
 100 Objects    Unlimited Objects    Unlimited Objects
 200 Connections    Unlimited Connections    Unlimited Connections
 2 Scenarios    Unlimited Scenarios     Unlimited Scenarios
 -    Dashboard and unlimited KPIs    Dashboard and unlimited KPIs
 1 Day remote Set-up Coaching    5 Days Model Set-up Coaching    5 Days Model Set-up Coaching
  Base Support     Tailored Support Model     Tailored Support Model


Very senior leadership team with profound business experience and a well balanced skill set across IT strategy consulting, IT product & service development, large scale IT transformations and top executive sales in all relevant industry segments


concentrates on the arctic.ten product ideation, solution strategy, consulting and target account sales.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT consulting industry as leadership partner with Accenture where he focused on the CIO agenda for the vast majority of his career.


drives the arctic.ten industrialized software development/ maintenance process and SaaS delivery.

He has worked as a Software Architect designing and delivering large scale solution platforms for more than 15 years. Prior to acquaim he had been an Executive with Accenture.

Prof. Dr. Andreas

runs the strategy development process and the strategic partner & customer relationships activities for acquaim

He adds more than 25 years of business consulting experience to acquaim from his time with Accenture as Managing Director.


Daniel Wytrykus

focuses on the development and advancement of acquaim's software solution.

He brings in more than 7 years of experience in software engineering and consulting at Accenture, where he had the position of an Associate Manager. He has delivered complex and data-driven IT systems for large-scale financial services clients, especially in the risk management domain.

Dr. Günter
Martin (Associate)

focuses on sales origination, sales process management and campaign management for acquaim target accounts.

He contributes more than 15 years of professional B2B software sales experience to acquaim. He had been with BMC and Apptio focusing on large customer accounts.

actic.ten V.1.1 supports an easy to use method to create cost reduction scenarios. It takes only a few minutes to define and simulate the impact of cost reduction levers to the cost baseline. It further provides a business view of the new cost/ performance baseline, such as which business KPI is supported by a specific application and how much do I spend for a specific application in my business organization. 

New supplier analysis feature in arctic.ten V.1.1. Comprehensive analysis of supplier cost, service and sourcing mode including budgeted and actual cost.

Supporting the development and test of the backend of arctic.ten providing REST Apis. This includes the further extension of the data model, implementing business logic for maintaining entities and providing data for UI reports. Experience in Doctrine ORM and Symfony Framework is a clear advantage but profound understanding of OOP developement and willingness to learn two modern PHP frameworks might be feasible as well. We expect a proactive working style and a pragmatic way to test functionality while keeping both output and quality at a high level.

Location: in our Munich office

Engagement: part- or fulltime permanent, starting time: as available

Salary: Negotiable and competitive


We moved our office into the super+ Unholzer Ateliers. Surrounded by designer, artists and architects we now enjoy more space within this creative and green environment. Our new address is Feldmochinger Str. 7 in Munich.

acquaim strategy and solution GmbH is proud to announce that it raised €500k additional capital from a group of former and active IT consulting industry partners. This investment not only accelerates the arctic.ten 1.0 development and marketing activities, but also multiplies the collective brain power of acquaim.
arctic.ten is the solution to increase an organization’s business return of each Euro/ Dollar spent in Information Technology.

To further strengthen our team we are looking for an Angular JS developer (m/f) with strong UI design skills. She or he will work with us on the version 1.0 development of our IT value management solution arctic.ten. Please contact us directly (Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

Logo Foerderfaehigkeit Wagniskapital 200pxWir haben heute die Bestätigung erhalten, dass für acquaim die Förderfähigkeit im Rahmen der Richtlinie des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie zur Maßnahme "INVEST - Zuschuss für Wagniskapital" (INVEST) vom 2. April (Richtlinie) gegeben ist.

EPCOS, a TDK Group Company, and acquaim agreed to jointly test the arctic.ten prototype with real data from EPCOS. The requirements profile driven by the global supply chain and multi business group structure of EPCOS corresponds perfectly to the targeted customer group profile of arctic.ten. 

EPCOS develops, manufactures and markets electronic components, modules and systems, focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include information and communications technology, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics.

Early September the acquaim team started with migrating the two arctic.ten prototype versions into a beta version of arctic.ten. The beta version includes the Baseline, Transform and Project modules forming the core functionality of arctic.ten. The release of the beta version is planned for early Feb. and will then be available for prospective customers. We are very excited about the progress and the feedback from the review sessions with senior executive from various consulting and industry organizations. 


acquaim strategy and solutions GmbH
Pregerstr. 1
DE 80999 Munich

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